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  • Cooling industry people’s beautiful “love letter” exposed, shocked you or not

    In your eyes, I’m like a rubber cushion that couldn’t attract your attention. But you, are like a powerful pump in my heart. You, who I’m looking up to, are strongly beating my heart; When we are together, the computer room is always so quiet. But I, my heart will never calm down. Fro...
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  • Price of air cooler

    In the tough time of the economy, if enterprises want to survive, they must do their best to open source while shrink and save resources.It’s such a difficult thing! So the first sentence for most customers call to inquire is: how much is xxHP cold water machine? I can understand users very well ...
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  • water chiller used in food microwave equipment

    Water chiller used in emulsion microwave drying equipment, latex sheet production line, rubber microwave vulcanization, food microwave drying sterilization equipment, medical microwave equipment, chemical drying equipment, honeycomb ceramic drying equipment and box-type microwave these equipment,...
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  • Rapid development of water chiller industry

    With the progress of the era, the industrial technology is changing with each passing day. The emergence of more and more new technologies equipment is constantly promoting the development of industrial science and technology, thus facilitating the upgrading of industrial equipment. According to ...
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  • The installation of energy saving cold storage has become a new development direction of refrigeration industry

    It is understood that the installation of cold storage has become a landscape in the refrigeration industry. Cold storage installation companies and construction companies are nothing new. Large and small refrigeration companies have sprung up, but the variety of cold storage installation compani...
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